Sunday, May 6, 2007

Erlend oye..

Today, I got a message from my friend in cologne,germany.
She told me she met Erlend oye!!.
yeah she knows i'm obsessed with erlend oye and i missed all his performances.
that was her second time to met erlend oye.
and the worst thing is, she didn't approach him but the man himself approached her.
and took pictures with her and friends.

damn, i've never met him in my whole life and yes, he's the man of my dream.
that girl is so lucky, met him twice, and always in the front row.

c'mon erlend,do come to malaysia,please.

listening: Final fantasy-this lamb sells condos.mp3

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xsodajerkx said...

is that a pic of Naira and her bf? she's one hell of a lucky peep that got a chance to study in Germany and meet up with Erlend Oye. wow, what a small little world we're living in.